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 Rifle Range Locator!

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MessageSujet: Rifle Range Locator!   Lun 24 Oct 2016 - 11:01

We have recently launched a tool which has proven to be highly successful. You can find that tool here: Rifle Range Locator - Applied Ballistics LLC With its limited time online it already has hundreds of users utilizing it. But we need your help. On the internet you can find hundreds of lists, mostly broken, with range listings. While I am still entering new ranges daily in to the database, I would like to invite the public to help us out. Notify your local ranges to sign up for this tool! Let the range director know that this is a free tool that is seeing regular traffic. In fact*not*15 minutes goes by that*a new users isn't actively on this tool. If you do not see your favorite range on the list, let them know all they need to do is fill out a simple form with information about their facilities, and we will add them.

This is a free, community supported, project! The idea is to bring in new shooters, by allowing them to easily locate range facilities where they can stretch their legs. It costs nothing for the user, or the range facilities to be on this system. We hope to grow the community of new shooters with this tool!

As I type this 5 users are actively using this tool:

In order to get that form, they simply need to go to our contact page: Contact - Applied Ballistics LLC and for the subject pick "Rifle Range Locator". Note they must sign up, members cannot sign up and fill the form out for them. So far we have had over 100 ranges in 10 different countries opt in to this system and we are just waiting for their forms to come back filled out. What makes this system different, is that it has annual verification. So if a range fails to re-up the computer will automatically remove them. This removes ranges that are no longer up and running form the active list, keeping broken listings to a minimum.

Please share this with your local range, so that we can expand this list for user we need the publics help hunting down those small hard to find ranges!

Side Note: If this expands enough, we will re-vamp the list to include 300-700 yard listings and 800+ yard listings at two different search options. So smaller ranges can sign up at this time incase that happens.
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Rifle Range Locator!
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