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 Elliot Rodger: The Secret Life of James Hong

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Grande gueule / Big mouth
Grande gueule / Big mouth

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MessageSujet: Elliot Rodger: The Secret Life of James Hong   Dim 15 Juin 2014 - 21:31

James Hong alias John Doe  Rolling Eyes 

Certains morts de cette fusillade semble *inexsistant*... Selon ce video.
D'autre parle même de (fals Flag)..  Shocked 

L'auteur de l'article semble remettre en question, Sandy Hook et l'attentat du marathon de Boston. Bien d'autres aussi...

A vous d'en juger.

Citation :
James Hong - as "killed" by Elliot Rodger in Isla Vista - was a time-shift faked and disposable persona. That's why there is no body. He was created from a living person using old photographs, much the same way that the children "killed" at Sandy Hook were created.

James is in reality a good bit older than the 'dead' version, and quite alive and well. You will be pleased to see that he has grown to be a handsome and sucessful man - regardless of his "death."

In spite of the new government BLACKOUT on official death records for the general public, we can prove that the Isla Vista 'massacre' deaths are FAKE nevertheless. Investigators of such staged events have learned a great deal from the experiences of Sandy Hook, the Boston Fake Bombing, and the fake 'Batman' massacre as well. This experience was then extended with great success to the Stockton Fake "schoolyard Massacre', the Fake Columbia Mall shooting, and the Clackamas fake mall shooting, etc. With all this proven methodology at our disposal, the SSDMF records BLACKOUT will have little effect. It is too late.

Many thanks to those who have worked tirelessly in the contributions of knowledge in these and other false-flag and fake attacks. All generations to follow will benefit from your work; and THEIR freedom from parasitism and control through fear, will be largely attributable to your efforts.

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D'autres exemples

The UN-DEAD of Columbine - Cassie "She Said Yes" Bernall

Y'en a d'autre mais ça, c'est juste pour donner une idée..   Suspect
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Elliot Rodger: The Secret Life of James Hong
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